Welcome to the home of Anne Jackson Harpist and the Allegro con Brio Trio. If you are looking for the perfect accompaniment at your wedding or party, or just looking for peaceful music to put you at ease you have found the right place.

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"Serene and very beautiful ... arrangements are simple and uncluttered ...with Jackson displaying her skill and taste on the harp."

Wayne Bledsoe
Music Critic
The Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville, Tennessee

The three instruments of Allegro con Brio complement each other beautifully, with the richness of the lower register of the harp and cello filling out the crisp, haunting violin. Unparalleled!

Dr. Michael G.
Louisville, Kentucky

Allegro con Brio provided the "food of love" at our wedding with elegance and grace. Blending extraordinary talent, this trio has an exquisite chemistry, a joy not only to hear, but also to observe, as many of our guests noted. The range of their repertoire, moving effortlessly among various musical genres, is impressive. In returning to our wedding recording, we invite Allegro con Brio to "play on" in our hearts as they did on our wedding day.

Linda and Patrick W.
Knoxville, Tennessee

With my father-in-law being the conductor of an esteemed California orchestra, having exceptional music at my Tennessee wedding was a necessity. Allegro con Brio was truly perfect!

Emily W.
Jackson, Tennessee

Our daughter's wedding was perfect with Allegro con Brio adding a touch of grace to her sacred day. The strings, with their Baroque and Celtic music, made her garden wedding wondrous. We chose the finest in musicians for one of the most unforgettable days in our Courtney's life!

Dale and Phyllis D.
Knoxville, Tennessee

This trio is a fine blend of brilliant arrangements, virtuoso instrumentation, and melodic harmony. The harp, cello, and violin converge as one stringed voice. Their talent is infinite and their sound divine.

Dr. Lisa M.
Louisville, Tennessee

Allegro con Brio is a unique fusion of three gifted musicians... a perfect accompaniment to weddings, parties, church services, and events requiring a touch of class. they play with great style and and expertise, adding wonderful ambiance to every occasion. They are professional in every way: reliable and well organized, meeting specific musical needs with consultations and thoughtful advice. I recommend this trio to anyone wishing to add an exquisite touch to a special day.

Diana D. W.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Our highest compliments to Allegro con Brio for superb performances at both our son's and daughter's weddings. We were thrilled with the selection of beautiful music from the trio which perfectly completed our special events. These are incredibly talented performers who set the standard with their outstanding virtuosity!

Phil and Vo F.
Knoxville, Tennessee

One of the highlights of our son's wedding was the beautiful music! We have purchased many of Allegro con Brio's CD's for inspiration as well as perfect gifts!

Dr. Claude and Jan T.
Dallas, Texas

This trio is a delight to all who hear them! they made my wedding so special!

Jill K.
Cheltenham, England

Chuck and I were attending a wedding when I realized how desperately we wanted to thank you for guiding us through the music selections and your glorious talents!

Marie and Chuck A.
Knoxville, Tennessee

Planning for a wedding can be stressful and, at times, overwhelming. With so many details to cover, it is nice to have a professional who can be trusted to lighten the load. Anne Jackson is a gifted musician who helped us create the perfect soundtrack for our special day. Anne's knowledge of both classical and contemporary music made it easy for us to choose our songs. She is an extremely talented harpist. She went out of her way to accomodate our requests and was delightful to work with! We felt very blessed to have someone as talented as Anne create a sweet atmosphere by playing the harp on our wedding day.

Patrick and Amanda T.
Knoxville, Tennessee